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Clip-In hair extensions are the least permanent option.  Perfect for getting   glam for a special occasion.  They are made to look natural. Once you enjoy them for a day or evening, you can simply unclip them and put them back in another day.  Custom color clip-in extensions available.Prices available upon request.

Fusion or Bonding


These types of extensions are bonded to your natural hair with glue or another adhesive. It generally takes three to four hours to complete.  Prices available upon request.



Weaves are applied by braiding your natural hair into a tight corn row and then sewing the extensions in. While weaves take several hours to complete, they are the most popular type of extensions because they are permanent until you take it out.  Prices available upon request.

Micro Link


These extensions are inserted by looping the the hair piece through your natural hair. Then your stylist presses it into place with a heat clamp and bead. The process takes several hours, since your stylist will secure small sections of hair at a time.  Prices available upon request.

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