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Balayage is a hair coloring technique designed to create very natural-looking highlights that grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root. This method of coloring emerged in Paris in the 1970s.  The name is French for “to sweep,” a reference to the way in which the color is applied. The word is sometimes spelled “balliage.”  When hair is colored with the balayage process, the highlights are painted on by hand in a sweeping motion that moves from the base to the tip of the hair. At the base, the color is applied very lightly, while at the tip, the color is very heavy. The result is a chunky highlight that looks naturally sunbleached, and as the hair grows out, the root will be concealed for the first few months by the thinner color applied to the base of the hair.


Ombre hair is a hair color that is usually a darker shade from the roots through to the mid shaft and gradually fades to a lighter color from the mid shaft to the ends. The word "ombre" is of French origin and means "to shade."

Ombre hair is usually achieved using a balayage technique to apply hair coloring to lighten the hair from mid-shaft to the ends. The technique uses a brush to apply lightener in a free-form manner to give a more natural appearance. The technique provides a similar look to that of a naturally darker haired person who is growing out a lighter hair coloring.


Bronde hair color is one of the most beautiful and popular hairstyle trends currently. This hair color is achieved by painting your hair at exactly the right points along the top of your hair with 2 different types and volumes of creams designed for color lifting.  Bronde is basically a shade of natural brunette hair that has been expertly highlighted with many different streaks in order to maximize their appeal and luster. The best part about having bronde hair color is the assumptions people will tend to make. When you rock this style many people may simply assume that you spent a weekend at the beach. With an experienced stylist on hand to make things go perfectly, these color changes will look exactly like sun-streaked blonde highlights.

The bronde hair color style is one that works well for many types of people. You can acquire a cool new blond look without the appearance of having dyed your hair. There is a bit of a social stigma attached with “bottle blondes” that some people unfairly deal with. There is no stigma attached with being a bronde.


The application process for babylights is very similar to highlights.  The difference between the two is the amount of hair in each foil and the separation between. For babylights, your stylist will collect a little bit of hair and create small sperarations between foils so the highlights blend with the base color.  Just like the ombre hair color trend, babylights are low-maintenance for clients. Since the highlights are so fine, as the hair grows out the overall style looks softer, more subtle, and there is no heavy line of demarcation. The process can be done in any shade to match any skin tone.  The effects vary on different hair colors but are fabulous!  On blondes because their base is lighter the results are fabulous, brunettes and redheads can have fun with highlighting and babylighting as well but it may be a more tedious process.  The service itself is very time consuming.  The process is rather simple, you are separating hair into small and fine sections, while then applying hair color to small groups of strands.  The overall process is lengthy because there is more work to be done.